MDP Evo XEP100 Programmer + Tablet

MDP Evo XEP100 Programmer is a software designed for the electronic automotive industry operators to solve numerous problems related to engine control units, body coomputers, clusters, microcontrollers, etc.

Standard set contains MDP Evo XEP100 Programmer and tablet. Additional items may cost extra price.

This is XEP100Prog

Work easily and effeciently with XEP100Prog.

XEP100 microprocessors

1. Take the device with XEP100 microprocessors on board

XEP100Prog interface

2. Take XEP100Prog interface, connection cable and probe

MDP Evo tablet (or PC)

3. Take the MDP Evo tablet (or PC) and miniUSB cable


4. Now connect all together and you are ready to work

XEP100Prog. Precious details.

Operate easily

NO need to lift microprocessor pins.

Off-line working

NO need to be connected to the Internet, the software works off-line.

No hot air

NO need to raise microprocessor temperature in fixed ranges.

All CAS4 models

NO differences between different years and models of CAS4

Supported car models

Serie 5 F Series - Serie 5 GT F Series - Serie 6 F Series - Serie 7 F Series - X3 F Series - X4 F Series - 991 - Panamera 2012-> - Cayenne new

Protection and restore

Data flash and program flash preventive reading guarantee CAS4 restore any time. Large program flashes database available on demand for fixing ECUs which have been damaged by other programmers.

Continuous improvement

Our continuous dedication produced XEP100Prog interface, pc software XEP100Programmer and MRPPad

Microprocessor cloning

Microprocessor cloning mode provide complete microprocessor erase and automatic data flash and program flash rewrite.

Online support

We provide technical support via email, Skype and TeamViewer

XEP100Prog for your works

Using XEP100Prog for simple and reliable programmings


No heating

No need to heat the microprocessor within any temperature range

Off-line use

No need of Internet connection, the software works offline

Easy to use

No need to lift microprocessor's pins

Online support

We provide technical support via email, TeamViewer and Skype

Microprocessor cloning

Cloning mode with complete microprocessor erase and automatic rewriting of data flash and program flash

Reliability and restore

Pre-reading of data flash and program flash for restoring CAS4. On demand program flashes database allow you to fix ECUs damaged by other programming interfaces.

€ 1,199.00
€ 1,199.00